the story OF KINSHIP

Kinship Market was born out of our love for Guatemala and a longing for deeper connection. We had both traveled there on separate mission trips over the span of several years, and the nagging question upon return always remained, “What more could we do?” Propelled by the beauty of the landscapes, richness of culture, and the joy in the children that touched both our hearts in such meaningful ways we set out to create a place where culture could connect with kindness. As our involvement and interactions with the community have grown, so has our passion for finding ways to create new markets for astounding Guatemalan textiles, to share our respective resources and to enhance vocational opportunities and quality of life for the artisans we serve.

We hope that you’ll enjoy the uniquely curated offerings of Guatemala available here, and that you’ll crave to know more about the story and individual creator behind each piece.

Saludos! -Tom and Breanne


about us


tom curcio

I have always had a sense for adventure and traveling the world. Thanks to over 20 years working for a wine distributor in Colorado, I've had several opportunities to visit different wine producing countries of the world. In October 2014 I took a mission trip with my brother's church to Honduras, and my life was forever changed. I was able to return to Honduras and work with the same people of Santa Rita in February of 2015. I later learned that my church was leading a group to San Pablo La Laguna, Guatemala in March. While in Guatemala, I fell in love with the beauty of the people in these communities. Over the past 4 years, I have traveled back to Guatemala on numerous occasions to work with the people of San Pablo and study Español. Now, I devote my time to continuing my education, learning Mayan culture, and working with our partners in and around Lake Atitlán and La Antigua. My experiences in San Pablo have taught me the importance of building relationships and working side by side with our Central American friends. The birth of Kinship Market is the next step in growing our relationships and reaching more people in Guatemala and the world.



Breanne Mashek

I come from a design background with a passion for beautiful creations, whether found in nature, art, books, or even a really good cup of coffee. My obsession with textiles began while interning at a fabric showroom in college where I developed extensive knowledge of nearly every type of fabric. My love for Guatemala began at a later date, but as a culmination of many life experiences including having a family, becoming a surrogate, and exploring sole proprietor entrepreneurial ventures (in events and floral design). The statement that lingered in my mind after two mission trips to Guatemala was, “Someone should be doing this...”. I didn’t know what “this” was or what it would entail but that statement inspired a rabbit hole dive into fair trade companies and practices in Guatemala, endless research into Guatemalan history, discovery of their rich fabric traditions, the stories attached to this art form about the people and villages around Lake Atitlán, and finally the courage to act on that statement. My quest for knowledge and desire to scratch beneath the surface of inquiry led to this collaboration with Tom. 

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